The FIFA World Cup isn’t feeding the poor


This is another brilliant video from the new expert ranter John Oliver. The comedic rant has been a favourite of mine for a while and John Oliver is not disappointing. This particular video lambasted FIFA and the Brazilian Government for hosting the World Cup in a country that by all definitions of the phrase can’t afford it.

We are talking about a country that hasn’t paid for its affordable housing scheme, a country that spent more than a billion dollars on a stadium to only be used 4 times and that after the World Cup will not be used at all.

Brazil is now¬†the opposite of Australia. They are spending like crazy. The people in Brazil are rightfully mad. Imagine Tony Abbott announcing we aren’t getting medicare anymore because we are getting the Olympics? I bet we would be flipping trucks too.





Justin Bieber sings about joining KKK

In the video above a fourteen year old Justin Bieber sings about killing N-words. The perennial douche bag only just apologised for a different racist video a few days ago.

You have to feel bad for the kid. Earlier this year he had several run ins with the law and with Seth Rogen. Life wasn’t so great for the Canadian. Now though, you can’t help but think ‘How much worse can a person be?’. It’s okay to be young and dumb to an extent, but you can’t be young, arrogant, dumb and a racist. Too far Biebz, too far.

Tony Abbott the butt of HBO jokes

John Oliver on his new show Last Week Tonight¬†has put together a collection of our PM’s worst moments. The video aired in a segment that Oliver did about world leaders. This weeks world leader was Sir Abbott. As you can see in the video Abbott has made quite a few gaffs in his time as leader and as opposition leader. The perennial King of Dad Jokes Tony Abbott is due to visit the US next week. He will arrive a little more infamous than he was last week

The Fault in our Stars trailer

(Cue huge tears)

The Fault in our Stars comes out this week. The film based on the 2012 novel of the same name follows the story of two cancer stricken teens. 20th Century Fox might also be crying by the end of the movie because so far the reviews have been less than kind.

Like that has ever stopped teen girls from watching something. (Twilight)

10 Year Old Bendigo girl had this to say to PM Abbott

abbott is madA 10 year old girl in Bendigo has written a letter to the Prime Minister calling him out on his terrible decision making skills and general lack of conscience.

Rachael Ward a Grade 4 student at Camp Hill Primary school wrote the letter after watching the budget with her family and hearing their discussion. The letter includes the following. (Hashtags included by Your Binge)

“Joe Hockey said all Australians are nice and friendly. So where you are from?” #burn

“We think you are being unfair and a disgrace” #ohnoshedidn’t

Rachael is being praised by her parents, who sent the letter to PM Winksalot this week.