Justin Bieber sings about joining KKK

In the video above a fourteen year old Justin Bieber sings about killing N-words. The perennial douche bag only just apologised for a different racist video a few days ago.

You have to feel bad for the kid. Earlier this year he had several run ins with the law and with Seth Rogen. Life wasn’t so great for the Canadian. Now though, you can’t help but think ‘How much worse can a person be?’. It’s okay to be young and dumb to an extent, but you can’t be young, arrogant, dumb and a racist. Too far Biebz, too far.


Tony Abbott the butt of HBO jokes

John Oliver on his new show Last Week Tonight has put together a collection of our PM’s worst moments. The video aired in a segment that Oliver did about world leaders. This weeks world leader was Sir Abbott. As you can see in the video Abbott has made quite a few gaffs in his time as leader and as opposition leader. The perennial King of Dad Jokes Tony Abbott is due to visit the US next week. He will arrive a little more infamous than he was last week